MB#1 - Worlds Largest Gummy Bear (CLOSED)

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    Congratulations to garreth123, the randomly chosen winner of the 5lb gummy bear!

    Here's where I got my gummy bear if you still want one: http://bit.ly/GetAGummyBear

    The correct answer was "C" and the winner was selected randomly, using http://www.random.org, from the list of everyone who answered correctly and submitted their email address to qualify.

    I wanted to show some random subscriber appreciation by giving away a 5lb gummy bear.

    "MindBender Trivia" is really just an excuse to give away some cool prizes.

    Pick your answer at 0:35 to qualify for the drawing, or choose below.

    A ) http://bit.ly/TriviaI0000
    B) http://bit.ly/TriviaI0000
    C ) http://bit.ly/Trivial0000
    D) http://bit.ly/TriviaI0000

    Arc welder video: http://bit.ly/HomemadeStickWelder

    Subscribe to my channel: http://bit.ly/TKoRSubscribe

    This video was NOT sponsored by Vat19, but I like their stuff, so am giving them some free promotion.


    Music by Scott & Brendo ("Reverie" - Instrumental: http://bit.ly/SBReverie)

    Extra info:

    I'm always interested in ways to give back where I can, and for over a year I've wanted to have some fun giving away random prizes.

    Finally I'm in a position where I think we can make this happen!

    My goal is to be able to do this once a week, so let me know if you like the idea.

    These videos are made to be supplemental, and shouldn't take away from regular project videos or quick clips.

    Instead, they are bonus videos simply made to recognize and give back to you, my loyal supporters.

    I ordered a bunch of toys from Vat19, so for the first bunch of MindBender episodes, you'll probably notice the prizes are all from the same place.

    Thanks much for being a random citizen.

    And whether or not you win anything, please know I appreciate having you on board, and am excited to see what crazy cool things we can do together in the future.

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