QC#62 - Glass Smashers

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    Paper blow-darts are fitted with a 1/2" sheet metal screw, making them powerful enough to break glass.

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    Music By:
    Music by Jason Shaw (RP-Clattertrap)

    Project Inspired By:

    I saw a picture of a 40 Cal stun dart (http://bit.ly/IBStunDart) and wondered if I could replicate the idea with a short screw in the tip of a paper dart.

    WARNING: Blow guns should not be pointed at people, animals, or any living thing.

    Projectiles shot at high velocity may cause deep wounds leading to infection, and/or may cause loss of vision if hit in the eye.

    They can also break glass and cause damage to property.

    This project should only be attempted with adequate knowledge, training, and adult supervision.

    Use caution and common sense.

    Use of this video content is at your own risk.

    Project History & More Info:

    So yeah, I broke a window to make you this video, so please thumbs up if you liked that :) It was an old window headed for the dump anyway, so I thought this would be a fun way to give it an honorable farewell :)

    When I was making darts for the blowgun, I looked around online at different types of darts sold commercially, and I came across the "stun dart" variety.

    They looked fairly simply enough, and I wondered if I could make one simply by screwing a short sheet metal screw into the tip of a paper dart filled with hot glue.

    I first snipped the tip of the dart, then screwed a 1/2" screw from my spare parts box until it was firm and snug in the tip.

    It shoots perfectly straight, which works well with the laser sight I put on the blowgun in my project video (http://bit.ly/LaserBlowgun).

    Just for fun, I stopped by the dollar store and picked up a variety of glasses to use for targets, then I filled them up with water to make them even stronger.

    It took some force for the thickest glass, but all of them shattered in an impressive manner.

    I was surprised that when I shot at the window, it didn't shatter, but just left "bullet hole" type impressions wherever the darts hit.

    It took a number of rounds to finally get all the glass to shatter out, and another 30 minutes to clean up the mess!

    I wasn't able to put this footage in the blowgun project video, but I really wanted to share it, hence this new Quick Clip! :) Enjoy!

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