Mad Science Minion (Caution: High Voltage)

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  • Uploaded 2 years ago in the category Science & Education

    What happens when you let an ADHD minion play with high voltage electricity?

    Be-do Be-do Be-do.


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    Scott & Brendo (“Young” - Instrumental)

    Project Inspired By: This was an original idea.

    (Original to me anyway)

    WARNING: High Voltage electricity can be fatal.

    Electric shocks can burn the skin, and/or lead to heart failure.

    Though the video is portrayed to be playful, electricity should always be handled with extreme caution and safety measures.

    Caution, care and expert planning are required to mitigate risks.

    Use of this video content is at your own risk.

    Project History & More Info:

    I shouldn't have to mention it, but if you tried doing this on yourself, the electricity would go through your body, and could stop your heart.

    Although NST's are current limited, there is always risk, so choose your experiments wisely.

    Way before I even started making videos, I got hold of some Neon Sign Transformers (NSTs) and experimented with current limited high voltage electricity.

    In my earlier project videos, the intro shows a video clip of 2 screws, with a beam of purple electricity sparking between them.

    I've had hundreds of people asking what that was, and I've always intended to make a video about it, but never had the opportunity until now.

    For this video, rather than just putting 2 screws together, I thought it would be so much cooler to have some kind of action figure shooting electricity around between their hands.

    I made a trip to the local super-centers, like Walmart, looking for Iron Man or Star Wars action figures, but couldn't find anything I liked in the size I wanted.

    I decided to try Toys"R"Us to see if they had a better selection, and although they have hundreds upon hundreds of different toys, nothing matched my expectations.

    As I was about to walk out, I noticed an isle labeled “Despicable Me”, and stopped to think.

    That was a movie about evil genius and mad science, and the more I thought about the minions, the more convinced I was that they would be the perfect choice for a mad science experiment!

    I was amazed by how detailed and interactive the little minion toys were.

    They were about 12” tall, and if you moved their heads around, the mouths and eyes seemed to come to live, and they talked and laughed just like in the movies.

    These little guys sealed the deal.

    A few minutes later I was walking out of the store with my new minion “Stuart”, and took him home for some electrical experiments.

    This project was so much fun to film because of Stuart's facial expressions, and the marshmallows were a spontaneous and random idea that turned out awesome.

    Something strange happened when I was sparking the electricity between the minions electrodes.

    The minion would start to talk spontaneously, without being touched.

    This is strange because usually you have to press his belly or move his head to get a response.

    But with the electrical sparks flying through the air, he would begin to speak at random.

    Kind of spooky!

    For the Minion sound effects in the video, I recorded his noises separately, then synched them with the video to make it sound more realistic.

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