New Years in the Solar System or How long Planets take to Orbit the Sun

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    New Years in the Solar System or how long Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars and all planets take to orbit the sun, their orbital period.

    The more precise orbital periods are:
    Mercury: 87.929 days
    Venus: 224.7 days
    Earth: 365.25 days
    Mars: 686.97 days
    Jupiter: 4332.59 days
    Saturn: 10,759.22 days
    Uranus: 30,685.4 days
    Neptune: 60,189 days

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    3D modelling and animation done in Blender 2.63.

    Sun, Mercury, Earth, Jupiter, and Uranus image source: NASA

    In The Hall Of The Mountain King (by Grieg) - music from YouTube's Audio Library

    Sound effects: licensed under the Creative Commons 0 License.

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