Nitro Circus Live (Slow Motion)

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    Several months ago I was invited to go film one a Nitro Circus event in Anaheim, CA.

    I can say that it was one of the gnarliest live shows that I have ever experienced and I am stoked to have been able to collaborate with them.

    Nitro's team of athletes ranks among the best in the world in each of their individual disciplines.

    If you want to check out their live shows, then check out the info below for more on that!

    Haha They will take pretty much anything over that megaramp; barbie cars, wheel barrows, recliner seats, you name it! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the video! Maker sure to stay tuned here at BeyondSlowMotion for more epic videos.

    I've got all sorts of fun stuff in the works!

    Nitro Circus

    "All On ME" by Case & Point (Feat.

    Gamble & Burke) (Original Video)

    Music Provided by Monstercat

    Film/Edit - Darren Dyk
    Business Email - BeyondSlowMotion (at)

    Production Assistance: Elliot Murphy

    Nitro Circus Team:

    Nitro Crew:
    Travis Pastrana
    Jolene Van Vugt
    Greg Powell (aka Special Greg)
    Erik Roner
    Gregg godfrey

    Motocross (MX):
    Cameron Sinclair
    Blake 'Bilko' Williams
    Jarryd Mcneil
    Steve Mini
    Clinton Moore
    Michael Norris
    Matty McFerran
    Adam Jones
    Josh Sheehan
    Brad Burch
    Thomas Pages
    Beau Bamburg

    Christopher 'Beaver' Fleming

    Aaron 'Wheelz' Fotheringham

    Chad Kagy
    Andy Buckworth
    Jaie Toohey
    Matt Whyatt
    Andrew Ahumada
    James Foster
    Jed Mildon

    Roller Blades:
    Chris Haffey
    Wake Schepman

    Bruce Robson
    Laurette Nicoll

    Nitro Groms:
    Meghan Godfrey
    Chanler Godfrey
    Tyler Roberts

    Ethen Godfrey Roberts

    Ryan Williams

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