Awesome Cats In Slow Motion (1,500fps)

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    Check out the Pro Plan True Nature website: for videos and photo tips for capturing and feeding your cat’s True Nature.

    Cats are some fun right?! I grew up with a family that owned cats and had a lot of opportunity to really grow to enjoy everything that makes them tick, so when Pro Plan challenged me to make a video highlighting a #CatsTrueNature I was hyped! Basically an opportunity for me to share with the world, what I love about cats.

    So I got to work filming with Phantom High-Speed and Red Epic cameras, to especially focus on the playful, energetic, and truly athletic aspects of cats.

    This is the result!

    So what inspires you most about your feline companions? We want to challenge you as well to upload your own photos and videos of your cats with #CatsTrueNature.

    To find out more about what we are up to and to check out some tips and tricks for filming your cat and feeding their true nature check out the Pro Plan True Nature website

    I look forward to seeing what you guys post! :)

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    Directed by Darren Dyk
    Twitter - @darrendyk
    Instagram - @darrendyk

    Director of Photography - Ryan Chann
    Instagram @rchann

    Josh Hill - Cinematographer ( Instagram - @Jhillphoto )
    Marcus Johannes - Gaffer ( )
    Tomohiko Sumi - Production Assistant ( )

    On Screen Talent
    Jenna Thong
    Taryn Southern and her cat Tiggie (Check out her YouTube.

    It's kinda awesome!
    Adam Hyatt with Bubbles the cat
    Marcine Buck with the kitten Penelope and the cat Chester
    Trained Cats provided by Animals for Hollywood
    Special Thanks
    Killion Street Productions
    Blue Dart Productions
    Your House Pimp
    White Rose Productions
    Sam & Kim with cats Piper and Damir
    Rebecca Harris

    Shot On: Phantom Miro LC320s, RED Epic, Sony FS700

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