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    Jacqueline Freeman from Friendly Haven Rise Farm in Battleground, Washington shows me a bird bath this is now a bee watering station.

    In my podcasts I talk about visiting many farms.

    I have seen some horrible things done to bees.

    And I have seem some very nice things done with bees.

    And my experience with Jacqueline is the only time I have witnessed reverence for the bees.

    This bee waterer is designed to make sure the bees don't fall into the water.

    If bees float on water, they have a hard time taking off.

    This waterer gives bees the ability to get all the water they want whild keeping their feet on something firm.

    Jacqueline talks about how she uses just clean well water.

    Sometimes she will add a little seaweed to help the bees get some micronutrients.

    In this video, Jacqueline gets one bee to drink off of her finger.

    Jacqueline practices permaculture and biodynamic farming.


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    music by Jimmy Pardo

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