Stocking up - Preppers long term food storage in 5 gallon buckets

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  • Uploaded 2 years ago in the category Do It Yourself!

    Well, after tossing out half of my long term food storage, I decided to buy 5 gallon food grade buckets to put my food away safely.

    Tractor Supply has food grade buckets for about $6 each.

    I loaded up 5 buckets today with some of my food stock.

    Moths had eaten all of my brown rice, whole wheat flour, even chocolate.

    They made a mess of things.

    I never had such a problem before.

    Anyway, I am saving what is left and packing it all up good.

    I will be getting moisture absorbers and oxygen absorbers to add to the buckets later.

    I want to keep out mold and kill off any larvae, if any exist.

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