How to build Stairs That Are Easy to Install Yourself with the EZ Stairs Video

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  • Uploaded 2 years ago in the category Do It Yourself!

    Think building a case of stairs is difficult? Think gain! By using the methods in this educational video, building a set of stairs for your house, deck, exterior building is simple and you can Do It Yourself! EZ Stairs ( does all of the hard work, you just have to line up the pieces, fasten them to the wood and then then trim.

    A do it yourself job made simple and easy.

    EZ Stairs® adjustable two stringer stair building system greatly simplifies the entire stair building process for interior, exterior & concrete formwork.

    Manufactured with 14 gauge hot-dipped galvanized and epoxy powder coated steel.

    Suitable for ACQ.

    This patented new method of stair construction allows for customized framing and fast installation of stairs up to 9 wide interior (7 exterior) with only two stringers.

    It is also a new proven, tested solution for lateral rail post support exceeding all code requirements.

    ICC approved, award winning, saves time, labor, money and materials.

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