DIY Mini Soda Cans Beads - How To Make Tiny Cola, Fanta and Sprite Cans

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  • Uploaded 2 years ago in the category Do It Yourself!

    Easy video tutorial of do-it-yourself Tiny Soda Cans Beads made of pencils.

    You can make a bracelet with these DIY beads, earrings or necklace – whatever! And also you can make it with any soft drink logo, I just prefer Cola, Fanta and Sprite.
    For mini cans you will need: a pencil (without facets), a ruler, a knife (please be careful with it), silver spray paint or silver nail polish, printed logos of soda on your choice, scissors, scotch tape, double sided tape and a cord (to make a bracelet or necklace).

    Follow my video instructions to make yourself amazing DIY jewelry!
    Caution! If you are under 18 – ask your parents to cut the pencil.

    Be careful with the knife!
    Hope you will like my DIY Soda Jewelry!

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    Good luck! :)

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