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    Donald Trump didn't just destroy himself in the presidential debates.

    Hillary Clinton destroyed him.

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    Read more from Ezra Klein on Clinton's successful debate performances.
    More from Andrew Prokop on how much presidential debates matter for the general election.

    And it’s not just the presidential race.

    Betting markets now predict Democrats will win the Senate.

    This is not normal.

    As Andrew Prokop concluded in his review of the political science evidence around presidential debates, “There’s little historical evidence that they’ve ever swung polls by more than a few percentage points.” Two things have been true throughout the debates.

    One is that Trump has been, at every turn, underprepared, undisciplined, and operating completely without a strategy.

    But the other reality is that Clinton has been, at every turn, prepared, disciplined, and coldly strategic.

    This has been consistent from the first presidential debate, to the third and final presidential debate, which was hosted by Fox News.

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