Sexy Motha ft. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

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    Two friends break into song, crash a PTA meeting, and tell us why they love moms.

    A lot.

    Written with collaborators from HitRECord!!
    Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt- watch his show Hit Record on TV Fridays at 10 pm on Pivot (or watch the first episode here:

    Track on iTunes July 31st!

    HITRECORD CREDITS (collaborators on this project):
    Music and Lyrics by gregorybrothers
    Lead Vocals RegularJOE
    Concept by LexiScherr
    Actors Jenica Bergere
    Thuany Callins
    Ian Elinson
    Aaron Fernando
    Ana Ortiz
    Noeme Pears



    gregorybrothers with additional production by Michael Onufrak (‬)

    Ana-Serena Orrego
    André Walker
    Annalee Cailing
    April Coffee
    Ashley Thayer
    Christina Gardner
    Craig Gilbo
    Daniel Kunz
    Donna Leigh
    Edward Ryu
    Eileen Finizza
    Erin Howie
    Fernanda Marin
    George Bejue
    Irene Zukoski
    Jeana Wilson
    John Jurgens
    Joyce Larkin
    Laura Kantor
    Lauren Johnson
    Maggie Mudd
    Maria Rodriguez
    Michael C.

    Paula Gomez

    Sandi Sharp
    Sheila Fein
    Stephanie Garvin
    Tawny Young


    What's the first thing that you look for when you're checkin' out a sexy lady?

    You know it was the curves on that girl that were drivin' me crazy

    That's just cuz our brain hasn't changed since our caveman days

    A big-titted cavelady could feed so many cavebabies

    But we've evolved, so stop thinking like a neanderthal

    Sure, I like boobies, too, but dude, let me tell you that ain't all

    I want a girl who likes to eat organic

    Read Dr.

    Seuss out loud

    If she's putting love into it while she's raising her child

    I wanna combine our DNA right now

    Yeah, I want those mothas,

    Moms are like no other lovas

    Oh, I want a girl with a big, fat vocabulary

    If you a mother, come on let me pull back the covers,

    I'm sorry I rumpled your duvet, but I had to work on that booty

    'Cause a woman with a child, always drives me wild

    Ladies pushin' toddlers on a swing,

    Girl, I know you can take care of your offspring.

    She got a minivan with those fold-down seats,

    We can pull over and get it while the baby's asleep.

    And the kid can be my built-in mini-best buddy,

    We can play Nintendo after I help him study.

    Little Jimmy's dad puts him in timeout,

    Makes me want to be a stepdad no doubt.

    Good baby makin's the challenge we face,

    So I wanna work with a mother on the future of the human race!

    Yeah, I want those mothas,

    Moms are like no other lovas.

    Let's get busy puttin' money in a college fund.

    If you a mother, let's get our debt restructured.

    We can pay off our student loans,

    And then go upstairs and bone.

    Moms love unconditionally,

    Just a bit of that love would be enough for me.

    I want those mothas,

    Moms are like no other lovas.

    Someday you could be a grandma,

    That's twice as hot.

    If you're a mother,

    I wanna give your child a brother (or a sister).

    I just wanna give them chromosomes a happy home.

    Ohhh, yeah, yeah, yeah.

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