Happy 94th Birthday, Wally!

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    On Thursday, Jan.14, Walter Krauss turned 94 years young.

    He played one of his favorites for our enjoyment, "It Had to Be You".
    "It had to be you, it had to be you
    I wandered around, and finally found
    The somebody who could make me be true/
    Could make me be blue or even be glad
    Just to be sad just thinking of you/
    Some others I've seen might never be mean
    Might never be cross or try to be boss
    But they wouldn't do/
    For nobody else gave me the thrill
    With all your faults I love you still/
    It had to be you,
    It had to be you,
    It had to be you."/////
    This was written by Isham Jones & Gus Kahn in 1924.

    In the great classic film Casablanca, you will hear "It Had to Be You" played by Dooley Wilson("Sam") in Rick's Cafe Americain right on cue as Ingrid Bergman makes another entrance into the cafe.

    The words to the song fit the scene, of course.

    Good links----
    1.) www.wilx.com (search: Wally Krauss)
    2.) https://upvoted.com (search: 93-year-old pianist)
    3.) http://youtu.be/qHMII_FneU8
    4.) http://ietv.co/1XrC8Ak
    5.) http://media.daum.net/foreign/others/newsview?newsid=20160110034006368

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