10 Amazing Winter Life Hacks

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    BAKING SODA LIFE HACKS: https://youtu.be/uUCqvv_mtHA

    Drafty doors and windows? High Heating Bill? Got the sniffles? Here are 10 Amazing Winter Life Hacks to keep you warm and cozy, and even save some money on your bills! Time to heat things up...
    Vader Shower Head: http://amzn.to/1n1JWNQ

    Where to buy some of these items:
    Pipe Insulators - These can be purchased in the plumbing section of MOST hardware stores for about $1.00 for 6 feet.

    Simply break them open and place under your door to avoid drafts.

    Cooking spray - To lubricate your shovel just hit the cooking oil section of the grocery store and pick up spray on vegetable oil.

    Commonly known as PAM.

    Molding Clay - You can find this in the arts and crafts section at large retailers or at ANY art supplies store.

    Simply apply the clay to the door or window frame to block up drafts and air leaks.

    It will peal off without any problem and comes out clean!

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