1 Million Sub GIVEAWAY! | Easter Eggs You Missed In 5 Famous Movies & Programs

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    From horror movie references in Toy story 1, 2 & 3.

    Iconic images reenacted in the Simpsons, and even zombie cameos in the Walking Dead.

    Here are 2 programs and 3 movies, that are filled with fun little easter eggs and gimmicks.

    Plus in the video is a fun little giveaway, as a way of me saying thank you for helping me reach 1 MILLION subscribers.

    Sit back and enjoy!


    If you find 1 of 3 White Top5 logos or 1 of 10 Blue Top5 logos, email [email protected] the location of it!

    **Boring but important information**

    Can take a few days before I email you and let you know if you have won!

    Gifts are awarded on a first come first serve basis, only one gift is awarded per logo.

    (3 Main gifts and 10 Hoodies, once they're gone they're gone)
    Gifts are claimed by email to [email protected] ONLY, by stating the location and time logo appears.
    Only one gift can be claimed per person.
    No responsibility can be accepted for claims not received by myself.

    When logos are found the location and gift receiver may be revealed via twitter with the permission of the receiver.

    Each gift will be sent to the winners desired address.

    Top5s gift giveaway is purely a personal thank you for supporting my channel, it is in no way endorsed or associated with Apple, Dr.

    Dre, Facebook, twitter, YouTube or any other social network.

    All the gift logos are hidden within the main video, the demonstration and the Top5 logos at the start of the video have no gift value.


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    Thanks for watching and stay awesome!


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