Mazda3 Spins Out of Control At 100mph!

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  • Uploaded 2 years ago in the category Largest Collection of Automotive Variety

    Well this video is old haha, it's not like the videos I normally upload (reviews, start ups, tour, test drives).

    But I thought it deserved to be on youtube.

    I've uploaded it twice and have taken it down both times, but here it is again, edited slightly, but still intact, the full version will not be shown for privacy reasons so do not ask! Mazda3 driving around, I was riding shotgun, took a curve faster than expected.

    the car was topping around 100mph coming out of the curve, about 80 before the curve.

    Yes I was scared, yes it was stupid LOL but it wasn't expected and I got it all on video.

    I think it'll actually stay up this time haha.

  • mazda3spinsoutcontrolat100mph!
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