Saabkyle04 Euro Trip Day 4: Visiting The Porsche Museum And Motor World, Meeting "The Getawayer"

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    Thanks for tuning in! For the first time, my wife and I are traveling across Europe, visiting Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Monaco.

    We have a lot of exciting things in store that you won't want to miss! After we finished up at Auto Salon Singen on Day 3, we headed to Stuttgart to stay at the V8 Hotel.

    You guys saw our little tour of our carwash themed room in the Day 3 Vlog.

    On our 4th day, we met up with Guido, otherwise known as "The Getawayer" on YouTube (

    We've been facebook friends for quite a while now, doing videos on YouTube, but we were finally able to meet up and talk cars.

    Guido gave us a guided tour through the Porsche Museum, which was awesome! We then hit the Autobahn for a bit of vlogging and discussion, but that video will be put up in a separate vlog.

    After the Autobahn, we headed back to Motor World to check out the amazing cars they have on display.

    Similar in concept to Classic Remise, Motor World was a whole new level of awesome for the every day car enthusiast.

    As always, thanks for following our Journey! Next stop, Switzerland, Italy and Maranello!

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