Dyno-Tuning the Draguar's 696 Horsepower Supercharged Small Block Chevy! - HOT ROD Unlimited Ep. 35

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    It's time for motor mayhem! On this episode of HOT ROD Unlimited we head to Westech Performance Group with Mike Finnegan to dyno-tune a new engine for the Draguar, the 1974 Jaguar XJ12 with a small-block Chevy under the hood that he and Freiburger bought for $1,000 and installed a supercharger onto in a parking lot during episode 7 of Roadkill.

    After the supercharger upgrade the guys road-tripped the dilapidated car from San Francisco to Sacramento for a drag race.

    With the summertime air temps hovering around 113 degrees, the worn out 350 overheated and Freiburger only managed to run a 15.30 ¼ mile ET at Sacramento Raceway.

    Looking for redemption, Freiburger ordered a new 383ci long block from Blueprint Engines, a definite upgrade over the old powerplant.

    Though the new longblock is only rated to 600hp it features forged pistons and rods and a forged crankshaft, which means that the guys can turn up the boost and make double the power of the old engine.

    The engine effortlessly made 650hp with 91 octane fuel in the tank but Finnegan was feelin' froggy so he added 118 octane race fuel and upped the boost to 15 psi in an attempt to make 700hp with the 383.

    Did the engine leave the dyno shop in one piece? Check out the video to see!

    The engine we used is a BluePrint Engines' 383 Long Block designed for power adders:

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