Movie Mash: The Hunger Games and Robocop

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  • Uploaded 2 years ago in the category How It Should Have Ended

    "HISHE Features" is a series where we point the spotlight on another animation or movie related channel that we think deserves it.

    We did not create this content ourselves and it does NOT in ANY way alter our undivided focus on creating regular HISHE content (alternate endings, super cafes, villain pubs, etc are all in production and being released - if you missed something, check out our channel, we had a Super Cafe just last week)! :)
    Our content takes a long time to make because we create it all from scratch and we thought featuring other movie related content would be fun for our fans.

    We see YouTube as a community - and we know you won't love everything, but we hope you maybe find at least one other channel that you wouldn't have otherwise!

    This month HISHE Features: Hank and Jed with their 2nd edition to MOVIE MASH.

    Movie Mash is where two movies get mashed together and we get a glimpse of what that might look like.

    It's ok if it leaves you wanting more.

    That's what mashups do.

    In this episode they Mash The Hunger Games and Robocop

    Like/Share if you enjoyed it! And let H&J know what other movies you'd like to see mashed.

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