BATMAN V SUPERMAN Trailer 2 Easter Eggs, References & Things You Missed

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    Batman V Superman Trailer 2 Easter Eggs! References! Things Missed! EASTER EGGS! REFERENCES! DAWN OF JUSTICE!

    It really comes as no surprise that a trailer as revealing as this one has easter eggs and references that tells us not just about the movie but this ever expanding DC universe.

    We get nods to all sorts of things, Aquaman, Doomsday's creation, how Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent know each other, the fallout from Metropolis' Black Zero event and even more.

    We also get some confirmation that the Batman we see in the desert is probably some kind of vision of the future or flash forward with the inclusion of what could very well be Darkseid's Parademons, which sets in motion exciting things for the future at both DC and Warner Bros.

    Also dig you know Ben Affleck wears a wig as Bruce Wayne? That's totally crazy right! I mean that's commitment, he doesn't need that at all, he's got a fine head of hair.

    But Bruce Wayne in the comics does have a widows peak, so bam, there it is.

    One of the many easter eggs.

    If you'd even call that an easter egg.

    I probably wouldn't.

    But that's not to say it isn't.

    What was I talking about? I dunno, hey check out some of these other video's!

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